Fourth book of “Whispering Leaves”

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The first time ever?

Throughout the long history of mankind no one has written a thorough and comprehensive analysis of his or her parents.

But how is this possible? In my fourth book of Whispering Leaves (WL) we saw that, over the existence of humanity, parents have killed thousands of millions of their children, literally. Recall the chapter “The infanticidal psychoclass: references,” which served me greatly for adding a hundred or so references to Wikipedia and Citizendium articles on infanticide.

Why no one of the surviving children of these parents who killed one of his brothers or sisters analyzed his parents? I don’t mean savage tribes, but the more developed societies with knowledge of writing. Was it such an infinitely devastating experience for the surviving sibling? Was it because it would be a crushing inner experience to process in one’s mind what the parents did?

Once talking about infanticide with Luz, a former high school friend who read my Letter to mom Medusa (the first book of WL), she made the astute observation:

“Infanticide is no longer done that way. Now parents are murdering their children’s souls.”

Never mind these are not the exact words of friend Luz. I had no booklet on the street and didn’t write what she said. But that’s exactly what she meant.

Unlike the ancient world—cf. again my fourth book of WL—modern society prohibits parents to kill their children. But the fact is that neither in the ancient civilized world, say, Greece and Rome, nor in the modern world has a dissident mind of parental behavior left a comprehensive biographical record about the dynamics of his or her family. Why then, if parents have committed literally thousands of Holocausts with their children, killing either their bodies or, as Luz said, murdering their souls? Why no one of the surviving children of these modern parents who have schizophrenized one of his brothers or sisters analyzed the schizophrenogenic parent? True: in their books John Modrow and Alice Miller advanced the basics of how their parents murdered their souls. But a thorough autobiographical analysis, not just a basic autobiographical sketch such as Modrow’s or Miller’s has not been written.

It is not clear that I can do it in this blog. As I’ve confessed elsewhere, my position in life is pretty precarious. But if nothing interrupts me while I write up entry after entry the time will arrive when, along with my WL, this blog [I meant the one in Spanish] might become the first complete record of a family who behaved horribly with some of their members, to the extent of partially destroying their minds and lives.

I feel very strange at this writing, that I have to be the first in history. But to my knowledge, there is no man or woman on earth who has carried the legacy of Alice Miller to its ultimate consequences.


Slightly edited from the original in Spanish

My last post at BO’s email-forum

I am against abortion too, but for reasons totally alien for those who are still struggling inwardly with their families. See what I say about feminism in my blog The West’s Darkest Hour.

In that blog you’ll see that I oppose capitalism too. But, again, for reasons not only unfathomable to Alice Miller’s fans but to leftists as well. Believe it or not: I oppose capitalism because I am located miles away to the right of the likes of Nixon, Reagan, Bush and the Christian fundamentalists.

Impossible to understand what the hell do I mean without reading my above-linked blog. Anyway, for those who cannot digest the strong meat of The West’s Darkest Hour, I’d advise starting with the fourth part of my book Whispering Leaves about child abuse from the psychohistorical viewpoint.

Finally, every single commenter at Daniel Mackler’s and Dennis Rodie’s forums freaked out before my approach to Psychohistory. No one has even tried to discuss the issues at length. None of them.

Reason: My interpretation of psychohistory, if faced with brutal honestly, would metamorphose the naive Miller fan into a conservative racialist. And given the fact that the overwhelming majority of 21st century westerners are intellectual cowards, I expect they will continue to behave like cowards when confronted with reality.

Update of 14 July 2011

BO (“Becoming Other”), who asked me not to reveal his name, has been emailing me even after I clearly asked him to read my above-linked book on Psychohistory if we are to have any coherent discussion on important subjects. He either hasn’t read it or hasn’t commented anything about it. Furthermore in his forums he continues to write Lefty stuff like this:

Attacking the Family System doesn’t just mean attacking parents, though this is important. Rather it means attacking all that is unfair in society. It means fighting for all the political left has always fought for.

Nope! Sorry, but leftism has been thoroughly refuted in the blogsites and webzines linked at my blogroll list at The West’s Darkest Hour. Therefore, next time BO e-mails me without addressing what I’ve been trying to communicate in my book and blog, I’ll limit myself to reply with a link to this entry. Anyway, this was my e-mail reply to BO’s e-mail a week ago:

It is good to see you’re still there.

I now believe that all of the “big minds”, Dennis, Daniel and Bernard (who a few years ago posted under the penname of Bookish) who have been reading Miller are intellectual cowards. When I discovered that they were unwilling to discuss Psychohistory I realized that they were cowards.

Daniel closed his forum when he got real intellectual opposition coming from me. Dennis on the other hand said explicitly that I was not welcomed anymore at his forum, and Bernard (Bookish) actually expelled me from his private phpBB “forum”.

My new intellectual friends, white nationalists, have nothing to do with Miller. But since they want to expel from the West the millions of immigrants (e.g., the Muslims, who according to psycho-historical research treat their children even worse than whites) they are doing exactly what must be done to protect the rights of the child in Europe and in North America.

Bernard is the son of an Egyptian Muslim woman who abused him badly as a child. Dan is the son of a Jewess who also abused him. Dennis is a hundred percent white. As you know, I live surrounded by Amerindians in Mexico, who treat their children worse that the few Iberian whites who live here.

As long as the Miller fans don’t address the bridge that took me to the racialist camp—my book [linked above]—I’ll have nothing to say to them. And now you are confronting them with still another issue: the fact that therapy and enlightenment are per se dissociation!

I have concluded that there are stages of awakening. These guys have chosen to remain in the dark. What we need are more honest and valiant readers of Miller. The problem is that I can’t find them over the net. My educated guess is that there’s not a soul in the entire world who has reached similar conclusions of what moved me to write “Whispering Leaves” together with what I say at “The West’s Darkest Hour”.


This was a polite way of telling BO that I will not tolerate leftist rants against the West unless and untill what I say in my book is actually addressed, given that it refutes leftism in the sense of defending my civilization against one of the Left’s main tenets: cultural relativism.