By bye Quintus!

This is probably my last post at Fallen Leaves.

Last year Word Press eliminated the option of starting new blogs with the Quentin theme, which I have been using since moving from the censorship of Blogger to Word Press.

The problem with Word Press’ Quintus theme is that it italicizes and narrows grotesquely the quotations, which cannot be viewed in large letters in laptops because the quotation column looks ridiculously narrow.

Fortunately, I had my other blogs in both English and Spanish under the previous Quentin theme when Word Press eliminated that option:

As to my coming entries on child abuse, a subject I now rarely write about, I still maintain my old blog at Blogger:

I urge those who want a more comfortable reading of my excerpts of Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans to visit one of my above-listed blogs, where I reproduced also all posts from Kemp’s great book that appear here at Fallen Leaves (but that in the next days I’ll be moving elsewhere):

Please, comment on March of the Titans there, not here.

Thank you!