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César Tort, the author of the book Hojas Susurrantes (“Whispering Leaves”) was born in 1958 in Mexico City. The eldest of artist parents, his original vocation was to become a movie director. His plans were shattered due to devastating abuse in his adolescence coming from the same parents who had instilled his artistic sensitivities.

With Whispering Leaves, a work of a quarter of a century, Tort presents a multifaceted work. It recounts not only a heartbreaking tale at the beginning and the end of the volume: the runaway abuse that nearly destroyed his young mind. Whispering Leaves also contains a searing exposé of so-called mental health professions which tend to side with the abusive parents, thus re-victimizing the child who already was a victim of such parents.

The book also contains a lengthy introduction to the thinking of the most relevant theorists on child abuse: Alice Miller and Lloyd deMause, and includes a psychohistorical section that aims to explain the unconscious motives of child sacrifice in Mesoamerica. All this thematic, including the criticism of psychiatry and the criticism of the anti-Western anthropology of our times, is always interwoven with a new literary genre, the total autobiography: a narrative of the murder of a soul.

“I finished reading your book. It’s so shocking and disturbing at times that I had to leave the reading because of the sadness and pain that I felt. It made me think and once I got to stop and cried because I was about to wet the leaves…”
………….—Paulina C. Moctezuma


2 comments on “About the author

  1. rsc says:


    Just came across your blog (after a google search of szasz and child abuse, prompted by my shared disdain for his outright avoidance of the issue, though outspoken against psychiatric abuse) and enjoy what I have read so far. I wanted to ask if their exists an English translation of your book Hojas Susurrantes? I do speak a considerable amount of Spanish and so might still try to obtain a copy, if not. My email should be attached to this post. Thanks.

  2. Chechar says:

    Hi RSC,

    Only a chapter of my book has been properly published in English, precisely the non-confessional stuff where I merely transmit the basics of the trauma model of mental disorders. Cheers.

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