March of the Titans (67)

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2 comments on “March of the Titans (67)

  1. Chechar says:

    Greg Johnson has just deleted the below comment in my response to Sandy for no good reason. I think this will be the last time I try to say something at Counter-Currents:

    Most mainstream intellectuals are just ignorant. They don’t even know that the decline and fall of the Greco-Roman World was caused by miscegenation & blood mixing.

    If I am allowed to be frank let me say that, like the other intellectuals, Alexander Dugin is sleeping in the matrix of political correctness. In another video he said something to the effect that the fact that Germany was defeated “proved” that a racialist view of history was wrong (something as silly as saying that the fact that Giorndano Bruno was tried by the Inquisition and burned at the stake “proved” that the heliocentric Copernican view was wrong).

    Don’t take intellectuals or even philosophers seriously. No single so-called great philosopher of the Western tradition that I know figured out that “all the great events of history have a racial basis” (the POV of Arthur Kemp’s book), not even the nationalist Hegel.

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