New leaves

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6 comments on “New leaves

  1. Chechar says:

    Why I chose that clip from Spielberg’s best film, A.I., is explained here.

  2. Reblogged this on Rise of The West and commented:

    We, as a Western People, will have to reassess what we really stand for, and just what we will not accept. As a rising West begins its ascent, there will much to undo, and much to re-learn – and much more to correct.

    Powerful introductory article here…

  3. Mary says:

    I am fascinated by the direction your work has taken of late, and am excited to see where it’s heading from here on in. I think what I like most about your work Chechar is that is really steeped in a deep love for our people, and sometimes compassion, love and …well, beauty, can seem to be missing from our ‘movement’ when we WN are witness to so much horror on a daily basis, an unavoidable consequence now, given what we know about our enemies plans for us.
    You are doing powerful things.

    • Chechar says:

      Thank you, Mary. It is always inspiring to receive a little recognition!

      Just curious: Are you the same Mary from Ireland I met at Gates of Vienna, and that has commented at West’s Darkest Hour a few times?

      I have just re-watched that film on Queen Elizabeth’s victory over the Spanish Armada. How incredibly beautiful was that English rose Kate Blanchett, especially in the previous film…

      Last time I was in the UK I fell in (unreciprocated) love with an Irish girl much younger than me… (I wish I could write down those misadventures in the future!)

      Have you seen A.I. by the way?

  4. This condensation of the main points in the March of the Titans has been extremely helpful to my understanding of Western history. The same can be said with what you have done with Hellstorm. I thank you very much. In these modern times many folk -for various reasons- will not even begin to read an entire book (god forbid!). But the way you have ‘parcelled up’ Hellstorm and MotT makes excellent reading and makes an excellent educational tool for the vast majority to get informed. It is an extremely good idea to do this, and as useful propaganda, it is extremely effective. Just what we need! Again, many, many thanks my friend.

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