New leaves

Sep 25, 2012

Directly or indirectly, Fallen Leaves [Note of 2018: the former title of this site] has dealt with child abuse as a subject.

But I am about to embark on a project that extensively quotes for this blog excerpts from two books about the history of the white race. Why?

Those familiar with Fallen Leaves may know that a couple of years ago I parted ways with my former friends: the fans of Alice Miller who claim to side the child during conflicts with their parents. It always bothered me that these people were incapable of honestly discussing my interpretation of psychohistory, which main finding is that non-western cultures treat their children worse than we westerners do. If my former friends truly sided the child, they would make an effort to approach psychohistory either to refute my interpretation of it, or, conversely, to use the findings of psychohistory to expand their worldview.

The do neither. And the question is why.

It is my belief that present-day westerners are plugged in a thought-controlling matrix. It all started right after the Second World War with a barrage of ubiquitous, malicious propaganda directed against Germany. The truth is that, whatever sins the Germans committed during the war, the Allied forces surpassed them in times of peace, from 1945 to 1947 (see e.g., my quotations of Hellstorm).

The same goes with the Jews and their holocaust. When Hitler became chancellor a Jew named Yagoda, the chief of the Soviet Union’s intelligence agency, killed more civilians than the later killings attributed to Himmler, and precisely for ethnic reasons. Never before had an entire white nation been ruled mostly by Jewry, and just see what happened in Russia. Hitler and the Nazis merely reacted against such killing.

These historical facts move me to think that Germany continues to be dishonestly demonized by an ongoing, twenty-four hours a day campaign of enumeration of her crimes. Demonized I say because the comparatively larger crimes of the Allies have been hidden from the public view in the soft totalitarian System we are living in.

I call this socio-political scheme a mind-controlling matrix, a prison for the mind. Not only the crimes committed by the Allies are taboo. As an unwritten law, after the Second World War race studies also became forbidden in the mainstream media and the academia—with the exception of the continuing demonization of the Reich and, through intellectual fads of “historical grievances,” even the entire West. And not only the previous, perfectly respectable field of racial studies is now considered beyond the pale. An entire school of charlatanic thought, Boasian anthropology, has become axiomatic in the academia. Presently it is considered heretical to state the obvious: that there are cultures more primitive than others. Just one example: academicians are not even allowed to condemn the Amazonian tribes that still bury their children alive.

For the sake of using a handy word, let us call “liberalism” the religion that the leftist elites have been imposing on us after the Second World War. It is the perspective that comes after this knowledge—the exposé of a new civil religion that has been imposed upon the white psyche—what explains why I have distanced myself from my former friends. Consciously or unconsciously, these people are liberals first and child advocates second. Their true religion is liberalism, not child advocacy. (For a formal definition of the meta-ethical axiom in this secular religion, the “non-discriminatory principle,” see here.) If they prioritized child interests, they would side the children in cases of parental abuse among non-Caucasian immigrants, who, according to the data collected by psychohistory, are more serious abusers than white families.

They do nothing of the sort. The sole mention of “race,” “inferior cultures” or “psycho-classes” freaks them out and shun any frank discussion on the subject.

In other words, the followers of the late Alice Miller are deceiving themselves. Despite claims to the contrary they do not always side the children against their surrounding culture. If you are a Miller fan and believe I am wrong, you are invited to challenge my approach to psychohistory in any of these discussion threads.

I predict, notwithstanding, that this challenge will fall on deaf ears. By experience I know that Miller’s fans are no men of honor. They are too coward, and dishonest, to discuss psychohistory’s most relevant finding: the grim consequences for child interests after the ongoing, massive non-white immigration in their respective countries—at the same time that the peoples of European origin are dwarfing their birthrates!

Following the metaphor I used in “Those who stayed behind,” in the coming entries I will be reproducing excerpts from two historical books for the benefit of the inhabitants of the country N, not of those left behind in country M, still trapped in the matrix of political correctness.


6 Responses to “New leaves”

  1. Chechar Says:

    Why I chose that clip from Spielberg’s best film, A.I., is explained here.

  2. Reblogged this on Rise of The West and commented:

    We, as a Western People, will have to reassess what we really stand for, and just what we will not accept. As a rising West begins its ascent, there will much to undo, and much to re-learn – and much more to correct.

    Powerful introductory article here…

  3. Mary Says:

    I am fascinated by the direction your work has taken of late, and am excited to see where it’s heading from here on in. I think what I like most about your work Chechar is that is really steeped in a deep love for our people, and sometimes compassion, love and …well, beauty, can seem to be missing from our ‘movement’ when we WN are witness to so much horror on a daily basis, an unavoidable consequence now, given what we know about our enemies plans for us.
    You are doing powerful things.

    • Chechar Says:

      Thank you, Mary. It is always inspiring to receive a little recognition!

      Just curious: Are you the same Mary from Ireland I met at Gates of Vienna, and that has commented at West’s Darkest Hour a few times?

      I have just re-watched that film on Queen Elizabeth’s victory over the Spanish Armada. How incredibly beautiful was that English rose Kate Blanchett, especially in the previous film…

      Last time I was in the UK I fell in (unreciprocated) love with an Irish girl much younger than me… (I wish I could write down those misadventures in the future!)

      Have you seen A.I. by the way?

  4. This condensation of the main points in the March of the Titans has been extremely helpful to my understanding of Western history. The same can be said with what you have done with Hellstorm. I thank you very much. In these modern times many folk -for various reasons- will not even begin to read an entire book (god forbid!). But the way you have ‘parcelled up’ Hellstorm and MotT makes excellent reading and makes an excellent educational tool for the vast majority to get informed. It is an extremely good idea to do this, and as useful propaganda, it is extremely effective. Just what we need! Again, many, many thanks my friend.

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