Coward researchers

July 14, 2012

That not only anthropologists but child abuse researchers have been butchering psych-heavy data is patent when pointing out that very few, if anyone of them are willing to condemn the cultures that still bury their children alive.

For scholarly references about how such practices were performed in the billions in the past see my book (e.g., this chapter).


4 Responses to “Coward researchers”

  1. Chechar Says:

    When I say “child abuse researchers have been butchering psych-heavy data” I have in mind even those “followers” of Alice Miller who maintain fancy websites and YouTube channels but that, like little children, freak out upon hearing about my interpretation of Psychohistory in this blog.

    In contrast to these cowards, the following is a quotation from an article at Gates of Vienna, “The Rape of a Nation”:

    Along with the war criminals, rapists and murderers comes Multicultural Britain’s new participation in child-slavery, child-sacrifice and sex-slavery. An undercover Sunday Telegraph reporter was offered children for sale in Nigeria: two boys aged three and five for £5,000 and a ten-month-old baby for £2,000. Teenage girls — including some still pregnant — were willing to sell their babies for less than £1,000. One international trafficker, tracked down in Lagos, claimed to be buying up to five hundred children a year.

    The children, estimated by British police to number in their thousands, are then sold to African families in London, Birmingham and Manchester where they are used as domestic slaves and fraudulent cash cows with regard to housing and other welfare benefits. Some of the children are also subjected to physical and sexual abuse, while others even find themselves accused of being witches and become victims of exorcism rites in “traditional” African churches in Britain.

    The sex-slave trade mainly consists of girls trafficked from East Asia and Eastern Europe. Abigail Stepnitz of the Poppy Project (set up to provide support for trafficked women) estimates there are ten thousand sex-slaves in Britain. She also lays the blame squarely on Britain’s immigration system, which she says plays into the hands of the gangs.

  2. George Says:

    I was reading your English translation of the relevant chapter of your book “Hojas Surrentas” (my apologies if I misspelled the words), and came upon this sentence:

    “Also, from 3000 to 2500 B.C., before the psychogenic mutation that gradually left bicameralism behind,…”

    Are you here referring to the idea presented in the book by Julian Jaynes (published many years ago) entitled; “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” that consciousness in humans evolved only very recently (with reference to time as measured in the usual eons that evolutionary processes take) with the two halves of the bicameral brain functioning together more completely , as postulated by Julian Jaynes? At least that is what I remember Jaynes having postulated , and if so, I wondered if you were aware that Jaynes’ peers in the academic world rejected his ideas on the origin of consciousness as presented in his book?

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