A critique of Lloyd deMause

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8 comments on “A critique of Lloyd deMause

  1. Cheryl Nelson says:

    It’s very easy to criticize, picking on details rather than the whole concept of psychohistory: child abuse affects adults and their history with themselves, their families, their peers and their countries. I think Lloyd de Mause is a total leader in understanding world history and deserves our respect.

  2. Gary Goodman says:

    Whatever deMause shortcomings in psych & politics, I ask you to consider what I think is a couple of valid points.

    [1000-word 9/11 conspiracy article removed by admin]


    food for consideration, I hope

    • Chechar says:


      Try to post shorter comments. I have no time to read long dissertations on paralell issues.

      • Gary Goodman says:

        ok. But you should consider this. This is not so ridiculous as it may seem.
        Fundie Islam is crazy, like Fundie everything else.

        That does not mean fundie Neocons or fundie Machiavellians are not willing to plan and do what Al-Qaeda said, or is claimed to have said, ergo mass murder to induce desired political outcomes. How can we all overlook that a future 9/11 event was the STATED desire of OUR guys too? (Not easy to make that shorter.)

  3. Argentine says:

    Cesar, I gotta say you helped me understand DeMausse a good deal now, who I reached by trying to read about cases of incest and pedophilia being accepted in society, I found an essay from him (The Universality of Incest) which had a good deal of cultural observations of both Indians and Chinese cultures, among others. But eventually he began to mix the evidence with his own fantasies and delusions. Which drove me to investigate the verisimilitude of his works, and eventually find you.

    I really liked your concept of a “Newton breakdown”, which I think applies perfectly to his case – And in general, we could say the same about someone who achieves something considered great first only to further it with his own delusions and fantasies, without even needing to have a traumatic past –

    Sadly, and I mean to post this with the least intent of attacking you, you too suffered a Newton breakdown mid-critique, when you began speaking about suicidal aspects of European culture. I can’t agree that the clash of psycho-classes would end in the local one dying. More probably when the issue (or rather, it’s most negative parts) gets enough media coverage, a massive, or at least considerable, rejection of the immigrant culture to happen.

    This being said, reading a couple of your posts convinced me to read DeMausse’s History of Childhood and Essau’s Tears. Thanks, and goodbye.

  4. Chechar says:

    Thanks for your comment.

    you too suffered a Newton breakdown mid-critique

    Not sure what you mean. Do you know that I blog elsewhere on the West’s apparent suicide?

    See the “About” pages in my other blog.

  5. sharkl says:

    “Since after 1897 Freud dismissed his original discovery, that some parents sexually abused their daughters, deMause’s position is contradictory.”

    Because Freud eventually caved in from the outside pressure of his peers and fellow adults of society. Hindsight shows us it is highly probable that these very women were in fact sexually molested or abused by their fathers. The truth isn’t very comforting.

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