All therapy is fraudulent

Jan 18, 2011

I wish those who visit this blog have already read Jeffrey Masson’s “Against Therapy: Emotional Tyranny and the Myth of Psychological Healing”. At any event, here’s what a blogger says for similar reasons.

Excerpted from a longer piece authored by Becoming Other (no ellipsis added between unquoted paragraphs):

What does one really expect when they are seeking therapy? In Thou Shalt Not Be Aware, Alice Miller denounces all therapy, as simply being an instrument of denial and pedagogy. I wish now that she had retained the courage of her convictions, that she had remained true to what her own experience was telling her.

The premise of therapy is that the victim is the one who is in the wrong, that it is they who need to change. I do not agree with this, and as I come to see that this is how therapy works, I become evermore opposed to it.

Built into it seems to be this premise that one must not strike out at one’s violators, one must not seek redress. The desire to do so is pathologized and taken as indicating the need for more therapy.

Therapy is pedagogy. It tells people how to live in middle class society, where one of the cardinal rules is no revenge, no retaliation, no strike backs. People go to therapy and they get sympathy, but do they actually have an ally, a comrade, and accomplice? If they want justice, if they want to be vindicated in all that they have resisted, they certainly do not.

Someone trains to become a therapist because they don’t want to take punitive or retaliatory actions, they don’t wish to strike at those who have done harm. Rather, they want to tell the victims that it is they who have to change. Really they are telling them what they have had to learn themselves, that in the end you have to submit.

There are lots of people who would not want to confront or strike back at their parents for fear of financial loss. But I think a big reason is that if one contemplates confrontation, redress, and strike back, one has to face the pain of what has been lost, as well as the pain of seeing how difficult the State makes it. To contemplate redress is extremely painful, excruciating. So most people so far would rather submit. The therapist helps here. He or she listens, but they don’t help with redress. Rather, they make excuses for the Family System, and they reinforce the values which pedagogy is supposed to teach.

So is the therapist going to help you resist? No, the therapist is not your ally, your comrade. Are they really giving you empathy? I don’t think so. Listening, but offering nothing except submission? I call that pity.

I understand that you are happy with your therapist. This makes me happy for you too. I know that you, just like all of us, are doing the best you possibly can. And no I don’t mean to be offering pity like a therapist. Rather, I am saying that people have to band together, and make common cause, and strike back. I understand that all of us are just doing the best that we can.

So why do people believe in therapy? Well for one thing their pain is real, and the therapists are there waiting. So the therapist can “treat” you. And where does it lead? No laws are broken, there is no conflict, no one is injured or killed, no perpetrator is even negatively impacted.

Therapeutic concepts are what keep the Family System in place. Anyone who resists is said to “need therapy”.

A therapist will encourage one to work with their repressed memories and repressed feelings. But as one does this, one is ignoring the just as real social forces which impact one’s life, marginalize one, and ruin one’s life, in the present!

So therapy generates compliance, submission. Hence it is a palliative, something which makes you feel better, but does not actually change anything.

You say I should look for a therapist? The only kind I would want is an Anti-Therapist. No, this does not mean someone who hangs up a shingle with his name and his hourly rate. No, I mean someone who actually works to undo the effects of therapy, on me and on our culture. I want an Accomplice, I want Comrades. I want people who are in the same place I am in, and this is not going to be a therapist. I want people who seek to fight back against the Family System, who will fight for justice, who will fight to hold the Family System accountable and hence change our attitudes about it.

A therapist is not going to give me what I want and need. What I need are Lawyers and Mafia Enforcers, people who will act on my behalf, and against others.

You could read Deleuze and Guattari in French. This would really help. Have you ever looked at their works?

Becoming Other


2 Responses to “All therapy is fraudulent”

  1. Gary Goodman Says:

    It IS important to come to terms with reality and place blame accurately where blame is deserved.

    THEN, after that, I believe that it is equally important to forgive and let go, not repress, nor resent, because those things are poison. Revenge and revenge fantasies are not so sweet, but they are a necessary phase of healing.

  2. Gary Goodman Says:

    (oops, I meant to add “in my personal non-professional experience”)

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