Ungrateful “followers” of Alice Miller

April 30, 2010

In memory of Alice Miller


Only thanks to you

Could I finally see
What was done to me

Below I translate today’s short obituary of a grateful follower of Alice Miller, the Spanish psychologist José Luis Cano-Gil. It contrasts dramatically with the ungrateful “followers” of Miller such as Daniel Mackler, whose website contains as to date no obituary about her decease.

Though this was expected from someone as egocentric as Mackler, something similar could be said of some ex friends of mine. They show no gratitude to Miller even after her decease. Unlike these ungrateful “sons” of Miller, here there are Cano-Gil’s touching words:

I just received an email with horrible news: Alice Miller IS DEAD. I am shocked. My mind is empty… The tears rise to my eyes… She is dead. Alice Miller. My spiritual mother. The spiritual mother of my work, my website, this blog… Of all of us.

Thank you, Mrs. Miller, for your tremendous courage and humanity… For your great wisdom, born—alas—from your own suffering… Thank you for the lighting guide, example and freedom experience you have given to all of us…

Admirable Alice Miller, courageous explorer of pain and truth, discoverer of routes beyond human shadows with our perpetual remembrance and gratitude: THANK YOU!

Rest, at last, in peace.


One Response to “Ungrateful “followers” of Alice Miller”

  1. Thank you so much for remembering my spiritual mother, Alice Miller….her sentiments live on in my life and work daily.

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