Daniel Mackler contacts me

Dear Cesar,

Hi. My name is Daniel Mackler, and I’m a therapist living in New York City. I’ve come across your name in a couple of different contexts on the internet —three totally separate contexts, in fact— and I wanted to connect with you. I first found your name by reading your review of Breggin’s Toxic Psychiatry, and I applaud your point of view —and I agree. I know a lot of people in ICSPP (I’m a member of ISPS —do you know that organization?) and see how they can radically avoid and ignore the childhood trauma component, and just get bogged down in being solely anti-meds. (That said, I am very anti-meds and anti-psychiatrically oriented myself, and respect that aspect of ICSPP.)  Secondly I found your name when reading amazon.com book reviews on Modrow’s book on schizophrenia. He is actually a member of ISPS and that’s how I first found his book. I wasn’t entirely surprised to find your review on amazon.com —and found it excellent. Thirdly, I found you on Wikipedia (that’s where I found your email address), as one of the editors of the Alice Miller page. I enjoyed what you contributed (there and to anti-psychiatry), and applaud your stance with some of the difficult Wikipedia people!

Alice Miller is where I come into it. Alice Miller is and has been my guiding light in my life as both a therapist and healing person, and I think she’s about the best in the field. That said, I have some serious criticisms of her, and I have written much about her myself. I have just completed an essay titled An Analysis of the Limits of Alice Miller and I am planning to publish it in some form or other —if only on the internet. I would like to know if you would like to read it. I would very much value your feedback on it. I’m not sure you’ll agree with much or all of what I have to say —I level some tough criticisms of her— but then again, perhaps you will. Regardless, I would be very curious to know what you think, because I respect your point of view, your authenticity, and your courage.


Daniel Mackler


2 comentarios en “Daniel Mackler contacts me

  1. “…because I respect your point of view, your authenticity, and your courage”.

    In small doses and until I feel vulnerable and begin to resent (a reactive attitude) your forthright honesty at which point I will silence/punish you because I will appraise you in a highly negative way and feel personally affronted, this will send a message to you about the unacceptability of your behaviour.

    This is how Dan Macklers parent responded to him…it is a (re)enactment from his critical parent ego state.


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